Tribute Fund Product.

InMem is the result of 5 years’ experience creating tribute/in memory funds for leading UK charities, via a variety of platforms. We felt none provided what clients need today, so we applied some Product Thinking and made our own.

Product tour.

What makes InMem different?

  • A fully branded experience, not just your logo in the top corner
  • Cross-device compatibility for a great experience over desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Easy for supporters to create funds & events
  • Optimised user journeys for both fundraisers and donors
  • A customisable web address for each fund
  • Simple payment integration for both debit/credit cards and PayPal
  • All donor data available for the charity
  • Easy export of data to import into your CRM database
  • 24/7 hosting & support in a secure environment

Tribute funds.

Celebrating and remembering loved ones.

We knew when we started making InMem that the supporter experience was absolutely critical because the context is so sensitive.

This meant that each charity would need the ability to have their own delicate design and branding applied consistently across the site, and that the overall look and feel would need to be specific to each’s site unique in-memory sub-brand. So, every time we implement InMem, our highly experienced in-house digital design team incorporates the right look so the product resonates with your supporters.

Great experience.

Optimised front and back-end.

Of course, the site is fully responsive as standard; supporters get the same great experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

User journeys, both front- and back-end, have been optimised by our user experience and product development teams and come with a variety of features as standard. These features enable tribute fund page creators to upload photos direct from their devices, embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, add memories and information, link to Facebook pages or groups, share fund pages on social media, select themes (if applicable) and customise donation thank you emails.

As well as the tribute fund pages, supporters can set up and link events to a fund. Each registered user gets an account area which enables them to manage their donations, fund pages and events. Search functionality is also included as standard; by person or event name.


Speaking to a new audience.

When people donate to a tribute fund, they are giving for the person who died, not necessarily the cause itself. But a common reason tribute fund pages are set up is because the person had an affinity to the charity when they were alive, so there is a natural, relevant connection between the donor and the charity. But that means the initial connection with these new supporters is all-important and needs to be really engaging.

With InMem, charities collect, and very importantly own, those supporters’ personal data, so they can then thank people directly and start a dialogue with them.

They also benefit from their own URL (e.g tribute.[mycharity].org) and the ability to customise their product with supplementary pages specific to their charity and in-memory proposition; all editable and managed via the CMS. This puts no third party barriers between the donor and the charity.

The first implementation.

Christian Aid - A Light in this World.

The first implementation of our new Tribute Funds product is now live for Christian Aid under the name A Light in this World. Sensitive and inspiring design enhances an easy-to-use, fully responsive fundraising product where visitors can set up tribute pages and do event fundraising in memory of a loved one.


Simple and secure online payments.

All major credit cards are accepted via the Stripe payment gateway and no merchant ID is required. PayPal is also accepted, again with no ID required.

Gift aid wording and opt in/out is included on all donation flows, as well as the option for users to leave their name and message. Offline donations can also be managed via the CMS.

Behind the scenes.

The nuts and bolts.

While the front end branding, design and user experience must be spot on; behind the scenes the back-office and CMS must be equally as effective.

InMem offers a reporting dashboard, easy to use CMS, simple CSV export of tribute funds and transactions to import into your CRM and finance systems, email template management and integration into Mandrill email delivery, and Google Analytics for tracking. All of which will be a relief to non-techie fundraisers and in-mem administrators.

Each fund and event is fully manageable including the ability to manage online and offline donations, add, remove and edit content.

InMem also features enterprise level 24/7 hosting and support as standard, which includes application security, bug fixing, and a support SLA.

We’d love to talk to you about InMem. 
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