Princess Alice Hospice
Website Design Sprint
We hosted a Design Sprint with Princess Alice Hospice to help them relaunch their main website.

Innovative and industry leading

A new digital engagement platform
With a desire for an innovative and industry leading website, we proposed to Princess Alice Hospice that we approach the project with a similar mindset by running a Google Design Sprint, with the aim of distilling audience insight, information architecture, creative concepts, and user testing into an intensive three days that would enable them to meet their ambitious project timeline effectively.


Mapping the journeys
Their current website was confusing, and didn’t reflect the needs of the audience, or the organisation, nor did it communicate the brand vision. By bringing stakeholders from all areas of the organisation together and encouraging them to share audience insights, and their own needs, we were able to Understand and map out key user journeys - simplifying the information architecture and surfacing key content that was previously buried.

This new IA better reflected their large and complex audiences, whilst focussing on the key objective, which the group had identified at the very beginning of the Sprint.

As the stakeholders shed more light on the various audience needs, two key journeys become clear – these would be the focus for the next stage of the Sprint.


Developing ideas
With time and space to develop their own ideas in the Sketch phase, a whole range of solutions presented themselves. Unlike brainstorming in groups, everyone got the opportunity to develop their own ideas, which were then displayed around the room.


A range of ideas
A wide range of ideas had been hung around the room for the stakeholders to review and Decide upon. After a brief discussion around each idea, the final votes were cast and two solutions – one for each of the key journeys – emerged as clear favourites.

The group split into two in order to create two storyboards for the two user journeys, weaving elements from various ideas to flesh out the journeys.


Creating the experience
Once the teams had their storyboards, the Addition designers went to work creating a Prototype of each of the two journeys in InVision as the stakeholders were sent off to collect content - imagery, messaging, text etc – that would ensure that, whilst only a façade of the real experience, it would be believable enough to be tested on real users.


Five users
With two prototypes ready to go, the five users were lined up on the final afternoon of the Sprint to Test our creations!

While representatives from key audience groups tested our prototypes with our UX lead - talking through their thoughts and actions as they did so - the remainder of the stakeholders were watching and noting what they were seeing.

Between interviews, we reviewed notes from the team, and iterated the prototypes based on user feedback to ensure clarity around certain elements.

After the sprint

Prototypes into design templates
After three intensive days, resulting in over 120 How Might We notes, 72 sketches, 9 solutions, 2 prototypes, and 5 user interviews, the whole team had a clear idea in which direction to take the design of the new Princess Alice Hospice website.

Once final feedback had been gathered and next steps agreed, we worked collaboratively with Princess Alice to create a full range of design templates for desktop, tablet and mobile, bringing the new information architecture to life, and reinvigorating the online brand with strong imagery and bold colours, whilst remaining sympathetic to those key users we had identified at the beginning of the process.

Once final designs were agreed, including a new streamlined donation journey, design templates were delivered to Princess Alice’s website development agency, along with a Style Guide.

We worked collaboratively with Princess Alice Hospice and their development agency to ensure the design experience was replicated in the real website, which was launched in 2018.


The new Princess Alice Hospice website launched in April 2018 and has been well recieved by users.
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